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Services We Offer:


Offering a wide range of patient services:


  • Chiropractic Care - Bolton Family Wellness chiropractic care involves the hands-on technique of manual joint manipulation of the spine or extremity, which restores biomechanical joint function and its effects on the muscles and nerves surrounding those joints. Dr. Bolton has developed his adjusting technique to be gentle, specific, and to meet the needs of each patient.
  • Physical Medicine - Physical medicine is defined as a branch of healing dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of disease and injury by means of physical agents, as manipulation, massage, exercise, heat and water. At Bolton Family Wellness, an initial examination is performed by Dr. Bolton to determine specific, individual plan for each patient. He takes into account the limitations, dysfunctions, and patient goals to promoting the patient's quality of life. Therapy may consist of electrotherapy, postural and rehabilitative exercises, traction, ultrasound, massage, and trigger point techniques.
  • Yoga - We are currently offer a Yoga Fundamentals class in support of chiropractic care. This slow-paced, non-flow class will explore fundamental yoga poses. RYT Lia will guide you into each pose with a focus on proper alignment, muscle tension, and breathwork. Learn how to feel your way into each pose correctly and safely so you can reap the most benefit from each pose, as well as adaptations tailored to your needs specifically.  Other classes are offered as well. For more information or to schedule, please call or text us at 815.999.7903 or visit 

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